Julius Langlinais

Dr. Julius Langlinais has over 40 years experience in the petroleum industry. He has worked as a Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer and Drilling Engineer for Continental and Superior Oil Company, as well as teaching and research at LSU in Louisiana and the University of Tampa in Florida. He has solved problems in compression, gas lift, workovers, economics, reservoir performance, logging, drilling, pressure detection and water disposal. He is retired from LSU Craft and Hawkins Petroleum Engineering Department and holds the title of Emeritus Professor.

Julius has performed consulting work in drilling systems analysis, energy inventions and training for Superior, Tenneco, Petrobras (Brazil), US Bureau of Standards and INA-NAFTAPLIN (Yugoslavia), and worked as an expert witness/advisor for numerous companies in Louisiana in production and/or drilling operations. Dr. Langlinais is a Registered Professional Engineer (Petroleum) in Louisiana and is active in SPE. He has some 25 publications and papers to his credit.