Reserve Estimates

Reserves are the quantities of oil or gas estimated to be commercially recoverable. To qualify as reserves, they must be discovered, commercially recoverable, and still remaining. Our engineers are experienced, qualified and knowledgeable in calculating oil and gas reserves using a multiple of methods including decline curve or volumetric analysis. We have decades of experience in calculating reserves in fields across Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi just to name a few.

Revenue Forecasts and Fair Market Values

Estimating oil and gas revenue and calculating a fair market value is our bread and butter. D-O-R specializes in these services for a variety of clients. Whether it is an individual heir who needs an estate appraisal or an investor who must determine their risk tolerance in a certain oil and gas sale, D-O-R has the expertise to predict future revenue or a fair market value of an oil and gas property (either producing or non-producing) on any given day. We have the ability to perform forecasts on one well or hundreds of wells.

Expert Witness Reports and Testimony

We offer years of experience and expertise in the field of expert witness reports and testimony. We have qualified as experts in reservoir engineering, general oil and gas practices and Louisiana oil and gas rules. Our reports are thorough, complete and accurate.

Log Analysis

Whether you are a landowner who wants to find out more about a formation or an operator that needs assistance in analyzing laminated formations, D-O-R has the expertise to analyze open-hole logs. We have the ability to digitize large intervals and make determinations with the assistance of software or to “do it by hand” on the smaller pay zones.

Mineral Management for Landowners

Besides our core services such as providing mineral forecasts and appraisals, D-O-R provides services to landowners that assist in managing of their minerals. These services consist of scouting drilling and completion activity, assisting with ideas concerning lease clauses and lease maintenance or compliance.

Evaluation of Prospects

D-O-R assists clients in auditing and evaluating prospects for either buying or selling. We have the expertise to review geological maps, cumulative production and pressures, well histories, etc. After a thorough review, we then convey to the client a range of acceptable sale prices. We can also give the buyer an idea if the property is a good fit for their organization or is within their risk tolerance. Many times, drilling a well is very enticing to an investor. Because of this, we do our best to present a balanced, objective opinion to the client.

Data Collection, Organization & Analysis (Louisiana only)

Knowledge is power. D-O-R realizes that the only way a client can make a good decision is to be well informed. There are close to 250,000 serial numbers in Louisiana. Each of those numbers represents a well permitted to be drilled in the state. No one permits a well with the intention of it being a dry hole. Or better yet, someone, somewhere once believed that that serial number would turn into a productive well. If you are trying to locate data in Louisiana for prospecting, trial, reserve estimates or whatever reason, there is no other company more qualified than us. Our company maintains a close relationship with the staff at the Louisiana Office of Conservation and the Mineral Board and we are very proficient in extracting, organizing and analyzing data from these agencies. We will organize it and present it to you in a way that will help you gain a better understanding of the “story” behind each well.

Special Projects

D-O-R realizes that in today’s industry a client may have a project or need assistance with something that does not fall or is not defined as a standard oil and gas project. It may be constructing time-lines of well histories, creating a map so that the client has a visual understanding of the area, tracking completions of dozens of wells and providing a visual on a wall-sized spreadsheet printed by our large plotter. It may be monitoring well activity such as drilling or completions in a certain area on a weekly basis. No worries. We do the best we can in understanding what you want and need and presenting to you a clear and concise report.


Matt (left) and Mike review Matt’s spreadsheet identifying all former and future pay sands found in 31 wells in a South Louisiana field

Seismic Repository

D-O-R maintains a seismic repository for landowners. Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times. We have staff to assist with the process and will make available our large computer monitors and a 42” plotter located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We have an additional license in Lafayette, Louisiana and staff to assist there also. D-O-R maintains the data at no cost to the landowner client. Depending on the seismic permit and agreement with the client, we are capable of providing the landowner client with either passive or active support in managing their seismic data. Passive support can be thought of as a library. D-O-R maintains all data on a secure server and can provide access (for a fee) to any approved individual or company to analyze the information for the landowner client. Active support is actual development and marketing of a prospect.


D-O-R Seismic Repository in Baton Rouge, LA