D-O-R was founded in 1971 by M.E. McDonald, a distinguished professional who saw a need for a local Petroleum Engineering Firm, and continued under the professional guidance of Michael F. McKenzie. In the spring of 2009, Mike acquired an equity interest in D-O-R. For the past thirty years he has operated a petroleum consulting firm specializing in reservoir engineering and mineral consulting based in Baton Rouge. The technical experience and talents of Mike and his son Jim will allow for a continuation of the same services that D-O-R clients have come to expect. Mr. McKenzie continues his association with D-O-R as a senior advisor.

Clients for D-O-R and the Veazeys include large landowners (public and private), independent oil and gas operators as well as major oil producers. We also work for publicly held companies and produce reports for the securities commission in the United States and British Columbia, Canada. In addition to these services, our firm performs expert witness work in matters of litigation and unitization.